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Apache Training Bangalore

It is an opensource software framework used for storage & large-scale processing of info-sets on commodity hardware`s clusters. In another way it is an Apache High-level project being built & utilized by a global society of contributors,users. It has license under the Apache License 2.0. With overall excitement it`s easy to believe that it can clarify all your info-related problems in info storage.It’s main to realize Hadoop within the context of big data strategy.As we everyone knows it is most powerful technology, but it`s just a one component of the big data technology landscape. It`s specially designed for some peculiar datatypes & workloads.

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The Apache framework is having following modules:

  • Hadoop Common – It includes libraries & utilities required with other modules
  • Hadoop Distributed File System – HDFS is providing very high aggregate bandwidth across the cluster which include data on commodity machines .
  • Hadoop YARN – Its a resource-management platform responsible for tackling compute resources in clusters & utilizing them for scheduling of users' applications.
  • Hadoop MapReduce – a model for large scale information processing. All the modules are designed with a basic assumption which hardware failures are common and thus should be automatically handled in software by the framework.

  • Hortonworks Data Platform(HDP): Thos Sandbox is a implementation of a single node. It`s packaged to do experimentation with HDP fast and easy and to make evaluation as a virtual machine. These projects Offer a tools designed to tackle big data problems.

    big data training in bangalore

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    MapReduce & HDFS components originally obtained from Google's MapReduce, Google File System (GFS) papers. Any programming language can be utilized with Streaming to implement the (map) and (reduce) parts of the user's program. Apache Spark, Apache Hive, Apache Pig among other related projects expose top level UI like Pig Latin & a SQL variant respectively. This framework is mostly written in the Java programming language with the help of some native code in C , command line utilities written as shell-scripts.
    Teaching will be provided by Highly skilled Experts from Jpasolutions bangalore. We have successfully launched new schedule and our systematic tactics will make you learn with full knowledge. We are running Big data training not only in bangalore but also in chennai.

    Big data Hadoop Training in Bangalore

    Apache Hive™

    It`s a infrastructure of data warehouse built on top of Hadoop for providing data query, summarization & analysis.

    Apache HCatalog

    It`s a table & storage management system which allows users to read and write informations on the grid more easily.

    Apache Pig™

    It`s a platform for analyzing large sets of info which consists of a high-level language for evaluating programs. The peculiar property of Pig programs is, the structure of Apache Pig is amenable.


  • It provides Distributed storage & Computational capabilities both.
  • It is scalable, it was the first considered to fix a scalability issue which existed in Nutch like the open source crawler and search engine systems.
  • Here HDFS the storage component is optimized for high throughput.
  • HDFS works best when executing large files like gigabytes, petabytes.
  • Scalability,Availability are the features of HDFS.
  • It achieves data replication & fault tolerance system.
  • MapReduce framework is a batch based computing framework.
  • It enables paralleled task over a big amount of data.
  • MapReduce allows developers to keep on eye on addressing business needs only.
  • MapReduce decomposes them into Map, Reduce tasks and schedules them for remote execution to achieve parallel & faster execution of the Job.
  • Latest News on Big data Hadoop- Oct 2014:

    Hadoop's growth opens up demand for info migration tools
    Hadoop's explosion over the last few years has been phenomenal. One estimate puts its growth at nearly 60 percent year-over-year, with a market of $50 billion by 2020. As the furious uptake has created demand for Hadoop vendors, an accompanying need for vendors selling Hadoop info migration tools and services is also shaping up.

    Hadoop: 5 Undeniable Truths.Yes, you still need a traditional information warehouse after beginning work with Hadoop.click the above link to know more fundamental points of bigdata platform.

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